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Andreas Bäckman secures maiden STCC win after SBF ruling

Lestrup Racing Team driver Andreas Bäckman has secured his maiden STCC TCR Scandinavia victory after a ruling by the Swedish Motorsport Federation (SBF) regarding the first Skellefteå race in June.

SBF announced today that it has reinstated a 20-second penalty for race winner Hugo Nerman for jumping the start in Skellefteå Race 1 and disqualified Robert Dahlgren, who finished second, due to failing the post-race ride height control.

This means that it’s a Lestrup Racing Team 1-2 in the first Skellefteå race as Andreas Bäckman is elevated from third to first and team-mate Oliver Söderström from fourth to second.

”We are pleased to see that the correct result is finally reinstated,” said Fredrik Lestrup, team co-founder.

”We prefer just as all of the other teams for the racing to be decided on track and the protest isn’t against any specific team, but rather regarding the procedures which must be followed. The jump start was clear cut and the SBF disciplinary board agreed with our judgement that the supposed damage on Robert’s car was not part of the reason for it failing the ride height check.

”While the short term outcome might not please all, I’m confident that the long term effect is the best for all involved and that we now have a result which represents the true sporting values of the STCC.”

The new result has shrunk the gap for Oliver Söderström and Andreas Bäckman to points leader Robert Dahlgren ahead of the final two race weekends, currently trailing the lead by 27 and 28 points respectively compared to 47 and 48 points before the ruling.

The next STCC TCR Scandinavia race weekend will be held at Anderstorp Raceway on September 10-11.