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Lestrup Racing Team grabs two podiums from eventful STCC weekend at Knutstorp

Lestrup Racing Team drivers Oliver Söderström and Andreas Bäckman scored a podium each from the STCC TCR Scandinavia weekend at Knutstorp in the south of Sweden.

Reigning junior champion Oliver Söderström finished a strong second in a very wet first race and has climbed to second place overall in the standings.

”The first race was really good, but the weekend leaves me with a bittersweet feeling. The fact that this is my home race adds a lot of pressure and I wanted more from the races. I made some mistakes and had some of the toughest races of my career with a lot of wheel-to-wheel action. We are still in a strong position in the championship and we need to keep fighting hard to seriously challenge for the title fight in the final half of the season,” said Oliver Söderström.

Andreas Bäckman came very close to securing a victory in the third race, but had to settle for second after a mistake on the slippery circuit.

”It has been a tough race day at Knutstorp. The starts and the speed wasn’t really there for the first two races, then everything came together for the third race when I managed to get up into the lead. Unfortunately I made a mistake and dropped down to fourth, having to fight my way back to second. A big thanks to the team for all the hard work, it’s great to see the progress we make for each weekend and we had the fastest car in the final race,” said Andreas Bäckman, who has climbed to fourth overall.

Lestrup Racing Team has climbed to second position overall after the weekend at Knutstorp ahead of the last half of the season which starts on August 19-20 at Gelleråsen Arena.

”It’s frustrating that we had the speed for better results this weekend. But considering that we took delivery of our new Audis not that long ago, we take this as a strong sign ahead of the final season half. It won’t come easy and we have to fight hard to put everything together, but we know that we have the tools to properly challenge for the titles this year,” said Fredrik Lestrup, team co-owner.